Zezão – a real ‘underground’ street artist

Zezão was one of the first graffiti artists that I really took notice of when I first arrived in Sao Paulo, although I  don’t remember a specific location or piece that I saw.  Zezão‘s easily distinguishable blue ‘flops’ are highly recognizable and I had already seen his work in the book ‘grafitti brasil‘ (Thames & Hudson) which I think I had received as a gift from friends in London when I announced i was moving to Sao Paulo.

zezão print

Soon after settling in Sao Paulo, I was lucky enough to be able to buy a  Zezão print from Choque Cultural (see pic), which I gave to my wife for her birthday and it is still my (or her!) favourite thing in our apartment today. I particularly like that there is a perfectly formed number two in the piece, which was a real bonus for me!

Much of Zezão’s work goes unnoticed by the public as he is famous for painting in obscure and hidden locations, such as underground sewage systems and inside abandoned buildings, this all makes for some fascinating photographs and films of the process. I have seen footage of him in the Catacombs in Paris and sewage systems in Brighton among other places.

Zezão is currently exhibiting his work, although in Basel, Switzerland at the Stucki Gallery. But for those who are not fortunate enough to be in Basel at the moment, can view the very impressive and comprehensive online catalogue, which gives an incredible overview of  Zezão’s work over the years, with some wonderful pictures of the underworlds he paints in.

He has ventured beyond the hidden away places luckily for the less intrepid graffiti spotters and it is quite possible to come across his pieces across Sao Paulo, as can be seen from a few of my personal Zezão photos below. I have also been fortunate to come across his work in other cities in Brazil, and he has left his ‘flops’ across Europe. So keep an eye out wherever you are.
zezão zezão..

zezão.. zezão in Maceio

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