WAT-AAHH!’s Taking Back The Streets – New York City

Taking Back The Streets

Tomorrow evening in New York, a major street art exhibition ‘Taking Back The Streets’ opens with some serious Brazilian representation. The event is from the brand WAT-AAH which is an interesting project/brand designed to try and get kids to drink water instead of sugar-filled soft drinks. As they put it on their website:

“A small company with a big ambitious idea to make water not a default health necessity kids consume because they have to, but the cool and simple choice kids make everyday because they want to”

The brand came about when a brand savvy mother of two tried to suggest her boys drank water instead of sugary-pop, and was told water wasn’t cool. So now with the additional help of Street Art they are trying to convince a generation of carbonated soft drink lovers that water is cool, and a healthier option. Even Michelle Obama, the US first lady has been involved with this one. It is not the first time street art and water have combined, hopefully this is more success full than the BNE v Banksy water day affair!

In addition to the street art, there will be music on the opening night, including a headline appearance from Legendary hip hop DJ and producer Large Professor, who was part of the production team on Illmatic, one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made, and still an absolute classic today.

Back to the artists, and it is a star-studded who’s who of street artists totalling 69 artists from 16 countries. They include New York graffiti legend Cope2, Shepard Fairey, Jef Aerosol, Swoon, Icy & Stot, Pez, JPS and Stinkfish among a host of others. The Brazilian representation includes Speto, Rafael Sliks, Sipros and Gustavo Nénão



If your in New York, then get yourself along to this one, it should be good. Also check out some of my photos of the Brazilian artists involved can be seen below.

WHEN:  October 14, 2014. Doors open to the public from 7.30, and Wednesday 15th. I believe that’s it..

WHERE: Artbeam , 540 West 21st St., New York, NY 10011


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