Veracidade Mundana – Mundano & Mauro – A7MA


Opening today, at the A7MA gallery, is a joint exhibition Veracidade Mundana, by two artists that are extremely active within Sao Paulo, and their work is spread across the city: Mundano, the artist behind the Pimp my Carroca movement, and street art activist whose protest pieces are everywhere, is joined by Mauro Neri who also spreads his work far and wide across Sao Paulo, his yellow houses and use of the verb VER (to See). The two come together with a focus on the current water crisis in Sao Paulo, which if you live here you definitely know about, if you don’t then basically there is a massive water crisis, and the levels of water in the reservoirs is at an all time low due to years of chronic mis-management.

The exhibition (veracidade mundana) will feature works which look at the water crisis, and ideas about politics, environment and the city. And as a bonus, there will be free water for all at the exhibition!

Today is an exceptionally wet and rainy day, which is quite fitting for the opening of this event.. and quite possibly will make Vila Madalena an absolute nightmare to get to, and may even flood the galleries surrounding area!

WHEN: Opening today 7th March, From 3pm. Normal visiting March 9th – April 7th 2015. From 11am to 8pm.

WHEREA7MA – Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP

Mauro Neri (photo: jACKTWO)

Mauro Neri (photo: jACKTWO)

Mundano  (photo: jACKTWO)

Mundano (photo: jACKTWO)

Mundano + Mauro Neri (photo: jACKTWO)

Mundano + Mauro Neri (photo: jACKTWO)

Mauro Neri - Photos: jACKTWO

Mauro Neri – Photo: jACKTWO


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