New Outdoor Graffiti gallery – Travessa Paschoal Astolpho -Vila Ipojuca, Sao Paulo.

The graffiti artist Rui Amaral will unveil his work on Travessa Paschoal Astolpho, in Vila Ipojuca this Saturday 15th February in Sao Paulo. In the 80s this is what happened in the now famous Beco do Batman in Vila Madalena – which is nowadays one of the touristic points of the city and most famous graffiti spots in the city. This new cultural space is in Vila Ipojuca between the streets Votupoca and Capitao Alceu Vieira. Rui Amaral is the first artist to cover the space and he has been living in the neighborhood for 25 years.


The idea for this new area is that every four months, new artists leave their mark on the walls with the support of the construction company Idea!Zarvos, who besides encouraging the creative occupation will also make significant improvements to the neighborhood in which they intend to build new developments following the same line of design and architecture that they have previously worked with.

The unveiling of the Travessa Paschoal Astolpho will be an event for the whole family with live graffiti painting, street chefs like Paulina Alzamora Leyton, Erik Fernandes – of Doña Flora Fernandes – and Vinicius Oliveira – of Cozinha Ambulante. Additionally there will be a graffiti and face-painting workshops for the kids by Andre Coletto, Alex (Kaleb) Romano (pictured below) and Katia Suzue as well as other fun activities. There will be music provided by PJ Rocks, and there will be a bike rack in the area so you can leave your cars at home!

WHERE: TRAVESSA PASCHOAL ASTOLPHO, Between Rua Votupoca (number 220) and Rua Capitão Alceu Vieira (number 80) -Vila Ipojuca, Sao Paulo, SP.

WHEN: Between 10:00 and 16:00, Saturday 15th February, 2014. Then the walls will be changed every 4 months from then on.


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