Run the Jewels 2 free Album download / Tag the Jewels – Street Art Initiative

The hip hop group Run the Jewels, comprised of rappers Killer Mike and El-P released the second album – Run the Jewels 2 last week for free digital download, and there is also the related global street art initiative Tag the Jewels  described as such:

tag-the-jewels-original-Nick-GazinTag the Jewels is a worldwide street art initiative for which over 30 artists across 6 continents were invited to remix the group’s iconic album cover art – two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain.

The artists were given a very simple brief and the freedom to express their own unique interpretations of Nicholas Gazin’s original artwork. (see right) 

These signature pieces designed by respected local artists have gone up contemporaneously on walls from Los Angeles to Lagos, Paris to Jakarta, Sao Paolo to New Delhi and many more.  It is the first global installation of its kind. 

The Brazilian representation comes from Binho Ribeiro, from Sao Paulo and his piece is shown above (photo from, some other Binho pieces, photographed by me are shown in the gallery below. The other 29 artists include people like Sofles among other international graffiti artists from around the globe. See all the art works here.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, then go and download the Run the Jewels 2 album – it’s free. A taster of whats in store, this is a video from the first album – Which can be also downloaded free here.

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