UPDATED: Last Days: Street Art Kickstart Campaign – Paint Sao Paulo with Jhoao Henr

jhoao-henr-kickstart campaignUPDATE (05/11/14): There are only a few days left before the kickstart campaign finishes, and there is still someway to go before Jhoao Henr meets his R$10,000 target.  So this is a last call for anyone who wants to donate, or get themselves some of the goods on offer, maybe worth a Christmas present for any street art enthusiasts..

If you like street art and graffiti, and like supporting the arts but want something in return, then supporting Jhoao Henr’s kickstart campaign seems like a pretty good idea. Basically Jhoao is trying to raise R$10.920,00 for his project ‘Faces of SP’ which aims to add color to the grey of the city. He is specifically interested in the central area of Sao Paulo, and the side of the building Edifício Júlio César which is in front of the  Câmara Municipal of São Paulo situated right in the heart of the city at Praça da Sé. The project aims to paint the entire side of the six story building, with the face shown in the picture above, just like in the photo-shopped picture. Permission has already been granted to paint there, but funding for the painting is required.

Jhoao believes that painting this large mural in the center of the town, will transform the environment and directly influence the mood of the people. While also promoting art and hopefully encouraging future aspiring artists.

As well as the benefit of the mural itself, those who contribute financially can also receive a variety of benefits, even by donating as little as R$15 you will receive a signed photo of one of Jhoao Henr’s previous works.

Donating R$150 you will receive a signed photo as well as an original piece of artwork (20cm x 20cm), for R$200 you will receive a graffiti workshop in addition to the photo and original artwork.

With the bigger donations come the more interesting rewards.. for anybody who wants to get involved in painting this building then you can help Jhoao paint if you are one of the first 4 people to donate $R 500. Although it is important to not have a fear of heights!

Finally, if you always wanted your very own street art mural in your home or office, just donate R$1500 and as well as providing a significant part of the funding for the mural, Jhoao Henr will also come to your home or office and paint a wall just for you.. and all amounts above R$50 can be paid in up to six installments..

Check out the gallery of Jhoao’s work below (All Photos are his, you can see more on his Flickr), and go support the cause here:

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