Speto – Coca Cola’s 2014 World Cup graphics

Speto - Coca Cola


At the weekend I was on my way home with my daughter on the train and then Metro  in Sao Paulo when we passed a coca-cola vending machine on one of the platforms, and the vending machine was covered in the artwork of Speto, the Brazilian graffiti artist.

Having now had a look, I have discovered that Speto’s work is part of Coca Cola’s World Cup promotional material and is now adorning the coca-cola website, as well as on promotional collectors Mini Bottles, which according to the website are almost sold out.

I also found this nice little video which shows him talking about the project with coca-cola and shows him creating the designs.

UPDATE (22/05/14): Today I was sent  link to this website, and discovered that a Design company in Leeds was also involved in producing the graphics with Speto. You can read the full story of how the design came about here

While on the subject of Speto, I thought I’d add a few of my photos of his work taken around Sao Paulo

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