SESC – An excellent place to become familiar with in Sao Paulo

If you are not already familiar with SESC and are living in or staying for any length of time in Sao Paulo, then I recommend you discover it. As a parent it has become one of the most important places in the city for me, as they are a great place to take kids, especially during the school holidays when they have loads of activities running. They are spread across the city and I have been to several, even ones in Sorocaba and Santo André and they are truly great places and about the only place I have found in Brazil where the prices are extremely honest, and the organization is first class. They also include some great buildings and spaces. SESC Pompeia for example is one of my favourite buildings in the city..brutal concrete, but the walkways look great in the sunshine (see gallery below). They are not just great for parents and children, they all run hundreds of courses, sports activities and have lots of interesting cultural events, gigs and shows.

I went to SESC Pinheiros last Sunday (Nov 24th), and was lucky enough to catch the new murals being painted by the street artists Vitché and Jana Joana, which should I’m guessing be finished or almost finished by now, although the rain may be causing delays, and may also mean you can go and watch them paint still if your quick. Anyway, this is not the first time I have seen artists in action at SESC Pinheiros, I have seen Blu and M-City both painting excellent pieces on the front walls, and there is almost always something interesting on the wall. you can see a few of my photos taken from mostly SESC Pinheiros and Pompeia. And there have been countless other exhibits and interesting murals in SESCs across the city since I have been here.

Another Street Art related exhibition is currently running at SESC Ipiranga called NOVOS MURALISTAS – LATIN AMERICAN EDITION, where the Argentinian artist French Napp has painted an impressive mural. It is free to enter and will be there until March 2014.

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