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ser-humano-ser-melhor-sesc Carmo

Once again I am recommending an activity by SESC, I have waxed lyrical about the quality and excellence of their operations in Brazil on a number of occasions so far and their good work continues, and in a unit (SESC Carmo) I am surprisingly yet to visit. This event is a project called Ser Humano, Ser Melhor (which translates along the lines of Human Being, Better Being), something I feel strongly about, and since I have lived in Sao Paulo and become a father I have realized the importance of trying to ser-humano-ser-melhor-sesc-gregobe a good human being. Everyday the majority of my wealthy neighbors ignore my friendly good mornings as if I am invisible..get in their big cars and are probably the same people who ignore me as a pedestrian when they ignore zebra crossings and traffic lights, on almost a daily basis I find myself feeling dissapointed by the selfishness and attitudes of those who live around me in this anyway back to the event, it is a something I welcome with open arms, an event which aims to look at the values and attitudes of the population.

This event brings together art work from artists: Apolo Torres (see examples of his work below), Marcio Moreno, Rodolfo Sales (GREGO) and Nara Isoda along with texts from a number of respected authors (Leonardo Boff, Mario Sergio Cortella, Monja Coen, Renato Janine Ribeiro, Rosely Sayão and Leonardo Brant). On the opening day, the actor Carlos Moreno will perform a reading of the texts along with a cocktail.

The opening day is tomorrow evening, November 4th, at 19h.

WHEN: Opens November 4th, 19h. Runs until April 20th, 2011. Mon – Fri, 9:00 to 20:00.

WHERE: SESC CARMO, Rua do Carmo, 77-175 – Sé, São Paulo – SP, 01019-020, (Near Metro: Sé). FREE ENTRY

Apolo Torres - (PHOTO: jACKTWO)

Apolo Torres – (photo: jACKTWO)

Apolo Torres - (PHOTO: jACKTWO)

Apolo Torres (photo: jACKTWO)


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