UPDATE: Ron Mueck – Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

UPDATE (7/01/15) – So having read news report after news report about the size of the queues for this exhibition (Ron Mueck – Pinacoteca) when it opened I thought I would wait until the Christmas holidays when the city is usually half empty, but alas the reports continued, and even got bigger it seemed. So I again decided to wait until the new year when everyone is back at work. My daughter is on school holidays so I took her down to the Pinacoteca this morning, surely not many people are visiting art galleries at 11am on a Wednesday morning, in full 35 degree unpleasantly hot weather… Boy was I wrong, we were greeted by snaking queues, stretching out of the perimiter gates and down the street. The security guard suggested it would be around two and a half hours, under direct sunshine. So, a quick stroll around the Luz Park and back home was the new plan. I have been countless times to the Pinacoteca over the last 10 years and have never even seen a 2 man queue before. So be warned if you are heading down there… your in for one hell of a queue. Be prepared!


I have been hoping this one would one day come to Sao Paulo for ages, and now it’s finally here. However I think the first days of this at least will be unbearably busy and I also worry this is exactly the type of exhibition which will attract every single ‘selfie’ taker in the city, so will be difficult to enjoy. The good news is that it is on show right the way through to nearly the end of February 2015, so there should not be any mad rush to see it.

The Pinocoteca is almost definitely my favorite gallery space, situated in front of the Luz train and subway station makes it great in terms of accessibility and it is a high quality gallery space, in a beautifully restored building. Besides the gallery is a park, which is worth a visit, full of sculptures, and also the best place I know to watch people, it is full of all sorts of strange characters but in a charming park setting.

The Australian artist Ron Mueck produces incredibly life like -hyper-realist- human sculptures, often on a huge scale, and the exhibition comes to Sao Paulo having already been to Rio de Janeiro and received excellent reviews.

WHEREPinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Praça da Luz, 02 – Luz, Sao Paulo.

WHEN: Opens November 20th, 2014. Runs until February 22nd, 2015. Free All day on Saturdays, and After 17h on Thursdays. Tuesday to Sunday from 10 till 17.30. Thursdays opens until 22h. Closed Mondays. Entrance Fee R$6.



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