Rolinho Bros (RiR & Pixotosco) -Exhibition “A Carranca e o Dragão” (Sao Paulo)

Rolinho Bros - A Carranca e o Dragão

The Rolinho Bros, are two artists from Sao Paulo who paint almost daily across the city, travelling by bicycle and using rollers and extensions instead of aerosol cans and ladders. They generally leave their tell tale marks of a “Carranca“* (RiR) and a Dragon (Pixotosco) as seen on the exhibition flyer. The duo have been working under the Rolinho Bros name for the last 3 years, but have been painting on the streets for 10 years.

The work for this exhibition called  “A Carranca e o Dragão” which translates as something like “The Figurehead and the Dragon” – was all done in the duo’s studio downtown, and the pair bring the street into the gallery. Check out the video for a glimpse of whats in store.

(*Carranca = literally “scowl” with another definition as “figurehead”)

WHERE: Atelie Geleria Priscila Mainieri, Rua Isabel de Castela, 274 – Vila Madalena

WHEN: Opening – April 3, from 19H. Runs until April 30, Mon -Fri 14h to 19h, Saturdays 11h till 17h

A Carranca e O Dragão from Planta Imagens on Vimeo.

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