Rodrigo Yokota (Whip) -TRANSIÇÕES – A7MA (Sao Paulo)

whip-rodrigo-yokota Transicoes - A7MA

The gallery A7MA has yet another exhibition beginning this weekend. This time the artist Rodrigo Yokota (Whip) will be presenting his work in the exhibition entitled ‘Transições’ (Transitions).

Rodrigo Yokota also know as Whip is the brother of Hamilton Yokota, the graffiti artist and illustrator Titi Freak, currently exhibiting his his prints in Rio de Janeiro.

In his first solo show, Rodrigo will be showing a range of work  produced over a seven year period which shows an evident transformation in his creative process. The artist himself says of the exhibition that “This exhibition shows my anxiety towards my own work, my willingness to try something different and particular, inspired by the things I hear, see and consume.”


The first 100 visitors to the exhibition will receive a signed print by the artist, which he is shown signing in the picture above. The other images show a self portrait sketch and  him at work painting on a wall.

WHEN: Opens Saturday April 26, at 15H. The show will run until May 17. Monday to Saturday 11H to 20H.

WHEREA7MA Gallery, Rua Harmonia 95, 05435-000 São Paulo, Brazil.



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