Rios e Ruas Intervenções – Praça Victor Civita (SP) – Zezão, Srur ++

If you live or have spent anytime in Sao Paulo recently, then you will know that the topic on everyone’s lips is the current water shortage crisis. Water levels are running seriously low, and the weather is unbelievably dry..not a good combination. Unfortunately it seems that a large part of the inhabitants of the city are still more concerned with having a clean car, or hosing down the sidewalk in front of their house every morning!
With the subject of water shortage hot at the moment, this exhibition uses the opportunity to draw the public’s attention to the existence of rivers and waterways which exist hidden away under the streets of Sao Paulo. It turns out that you are never more than 200 metres from a river in Sao Paulo, and that a number of the major streets in the city are built over rivers.

Anyway, the exhibition takes place in the interesting Praca Victor Chivita, which is a pretty cool outdoor wooden decked space near Pinheiros metro station, and is also the location of outdoor cinema presentations and regular cultural activities.

The Rios e Ruas (Rivers and Roads) exhibition features work from 5 artists: Eduardo Srur, famous for his urban interventions around the city and Zezão, who has appeared numerous times already on the blog, but is best know for painting his trademark ‘flops’ in underground drains. The other artists involved are Carla Caffé, Paulo Von Ponser and Danilo Zamboni.

WHEREPraça Victor Civita, Rua Sumidouro, 580, Pinheiros.

WHEN: 7 days a week, 8h to 18h. Until November 30th

Zezão (photo: jACKTWO)

Zezão (photo: jACKTWO)

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