Projeto Galeria_Cidade – Featuring Cranio, Presto, Cadumen, Apolo Torres, Chivitz & Minhau

galeria_cidade-cadumen (photo: Cadu Mendonca)

CADUMEN (Photo: Cadumen)

The city of Sao Paulo is getting more street art, this time thanks to a project by JCDecaux, the company which runs and controls the clocks, thermometers and revolving billboards which have recently returned all around the city. The project called Projeto Galeria_Cidade will place art work in the place of billboards. Currently the following artists are involved in the project: Cranio, Apolo Torres, Chivitz & Minhau, Cadumen (Cadu Mendonca) and Presto.

I understand that the project has began in the outskirts of the city first and will eventually spread to all areas of the metropolis. Cadu Mendonça posted this picture (above) on his Facebook page today suggesting the action is underway. Check out my photos in the gallery below which shows work from all the artists currently involved in the project.


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