El Cabriton – Project 54 Playing Cards launch + New shop front party


This Friday is the launch of the 5th edition of the Project 54 series of Playing cards at El Cabriton. In addition there will also be a new shop front painting by the artists Bernardo França and Rômolo. (see previous post about the El Cabriton wall).

The playing cards have been produced by 54 different artists, making the pack of 52 cards plus 2 jokers, and a card with the names of all the artists involved. Over the previous four episodes there have been a large number of well know street artists involved, such as Rodrigo Branco, Thiago Goms, Galo, Nick Alive, Bailon and hundreds more. This series features the likes of Apolo Torres, LEIGA, ONIO and KISSO to name but a few. The full list of artists is belowproject-54-el-cabriton:

 Adriana Komura, Alexandre Baltazar, Alexandre Ruda, André Ducci, Ángela León, Apolo Torres, Arthur Duarte, BALACLAVA STUDIO, BENGUELE, Bernardo França, Carol Martins, CLINT STUDIO, Daniel Bueno, Daniel Lafayette, Denny Chang, Estudio Pum, Felipe Parucci, Fernanda Guedes, Fernanda Oliver, Fernando Tosko, Gabee Meyer, Gabriel Picolo, Go Carvalho, Guilherme Zamarioli, Gusta Vicentini, Ico Oliveira, Imarginal, Jhon Douglas, José Marconi, Juliana Mokrejs, KISSO, KOT. , Leiga, Lucas Sanper, Mariana Moysés, Matheus Mats, Nakabachi, Neto78, ONIO, Paulo Rocker, Pedro Cobiaco, Pedro Vidotto, Perg, Rhodrigo Maia, Roger Bassetto, RUBENS LP, Sandalo Barbosa, SANGHA, Self, Stephanie Fields, Suryara, Thiago Neumann, Tipocali and Vitor Martins.

Each pack of Project 54 cards costs R$39 and can be purchased in advance already on the El Cabriton website, they are professional quality cards and are made by the COPAG.

WHERE: El Cabriton, Rua Augusta, 2008 (corner with Alameda Jaú), Cerqueira César, Sao Paulo.

WHEN: Opening event: Friday September 12th, 19H-23H.

Some examples from the fourth edition of my favorite number 2, and Rodrigo Branco’s king of clubs from another previous edition.


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