PIXOTE – Galeria Fosco – Rio de Janeiro



On Friday (October 10) the artist PIXOTE opens an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, in association with KingCap graffiti store in Sao Paulo and the brand MCD.

Pixote (Photo: Bob)

Pixote (Photo: Bob)

Pixote is Brazilian born, New York raised. Originally from Rio de Janeiro he moved to the big apple as a youngster and has made his mark on the graffiti scene there, taking the Brazilian pichação style of tagging, which you’ll know about if you have ever visited Brazil, often on a massive scale.

Pixote is also a skateboarder and musician, and the video below shows him talking about one project he did related to skateboarding and is a pretty good introduction to the guy. Pixote is a member of the TWD group of graffiti writers, which stands for Till We Die or The Warriors Dream

Anyway, Pixote is back in his hometown for the opening of his exhibition at Galeria Fosco, the exhibition will eventually come to Sao Paulo once its finished in Rio.

WHERE: Galeria Fosco, Estrada do Joá, 1508, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

WHEN: Friday October 10, at 18:00.


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