Perrier Inspired by Street Art- Kobra, JonOne & Sasu

Andy Warhol did it in 1980, and now it’s the turn of 3 street artists from 3 different parts of the globe to design the labels for the new Inspired by Street Art limited edition Perrier water cans and bottles. Among the three chosen artist is the Brazilian Eduardo Kobra, who is already familiar with having his work used by multinational companies having recently had his designs adorn the boxes for fries at the home of the golden arches. Now Kobra along with NYC graffiti writer JonOne (AKA Jon 156) and Japanese artist Sasu have teamed up to produce the labels for Perrier water.

From the rather badly written English press release, here is what Perrier say about the artists, starting with Kobra:

Kobra gives new sparkles to the Slim Can.
kobra-perrier-slim-cansThe kaleidoscope of color emblematic of the style of
Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra is known throughout the
world. From São Paulo to New York, by way of Los Angeles, Miami and Moscow, his “Memory Walls” create bridges between past and present. His “canvas”? Abandoned buildings ravaged by time, to which he gives a new breath of life. As he sifts through the archives of the past, Kobra brings to life forgotten moments in the history of humanity through exuberant, photorealisti frescos. The fiercely sensitive humanist uses his art to express his wish to “recreate a city that doesn’t exist, so that people who have not lived this epoch can discover it and those who have lived it can rediscover it, looking at the frescos with nostalgia.” Blending the esthetic with historical values, his creations are directly inspired by emblematic elements that make up the brand legacy, the “pin-up” and the iconic bottle, that we rediscover on the slim cans of this limited edition.
Kobra and PERRIER: eccentricity meets love of life.

What Perrier say about JonOne:

perrier-jonone-street-artJonOne flips the top off PERRIER. 
John Perello a.k.a. JonOne was a pioneer in the world of
Street Art; he has been there at every step in the evolu-
tion of this vibrant, undisciplined living art form.
From his native New York to his adopted city of Paris, the
painter-graffiti artist-sculptor has been upturning all
expectations in the world’s most high-end galleries with
his volcanic style. The self-taught man describes himself
as an “abstract expressionist graffiti painter”, his works
deeply shaped by movement, color and energy. Since
1985, JonOne has been painting on canvas, which offers
him a way of leaving a lasting mark. Today, he is exhi-
bited the world over (Tokyo, Monaco, Paris, Geneva, New
York, Hong Kong, Brussels, etc.).
JonOne and PERRIER: sparkle meets audacity..


What Perrier say about SASU:

Bubbling sensuality by Sasu.


Breaking away from the stereotypes of Street Art, Sasu
translates the grace and delicacy of her native Japan
in nature-inspired frescos. Light, sky and flowers – her
frequently geometric and colorful works are reminiscent
of the mandalas that symbolize Buddhist wisdom. Fluid
gestures and a harmonious color palette are her signature.
Her femininity and sensuality find perfect expression in the
curves of the PERRIER bottle. Zen, refined, poetic and totally singular, her universe speaks to us and invites us to dream.
“It’s not just what you draw; you also try to express things
with the spaces you leave empty.” While still a minority in the movement, women take a different and unexpected approach to shape and color, as is vividly proven by the works of Sasu. Once again, PERRIER is ahead of its time, offering a showcase for feminine Street Art in this limited edition.
Sasu and PERRIER: elegance meets sensuality.


Check out the video below…  I imagine the bottles won’t arrive in Brazil for some time, and when they do you can be assured that they will be ridiculously priced compared to the rest of the world. Oh, and a few pictures of my photos of Kobra’s work on the streets of Sao Paulo.

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