Pepsi – “The Art Of Football”

Pepsi - the art of footballI did a piece last week about coca cola using Brazilian artist Speto for their World Cup graphics, so it seems only fair that I followed it up with this piece from their rivals Pepsi, who have also gone down the street artist road for their football campaign for 2014.

Pepsi have teamed up with a number of top players from around the world who will be gracing the pitches in Brazil later in the year, and put them together with names from the street art world from their respective countries to produce 6 large canvases. All canvases are based on a black and white photograph of the players taken by photographer Danny Clinch, and then the 10 foot square photo was handed over to the artists to paint on.

The players and artists involved in the project are:

Firstly from Brazil there is Chelsea defender David Luiz – who was partnered with Brazilian street artist, illustrator and photographer Ricardo AKN from Sao Paulo.

Lionel Messi combined with fellow Argentinian Ever (Nicolas Romero) from Buenos Aires.

Jack Wilshire who is hoping to inspire England through their group of death in June was joined by the London based professional doodler Hattie Stewart who recently announced a partnership with Marc Jacobs.

Spain and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos worked with Zosen, who although he was born in Beunos Aires he grew up in Spain, possibly a subtle comment on the make-up of the Spanish national team which regularly features non Spanish born players.

Sergio Aguero, the prolific Manchester City striker had Argentinian graffiti artist Jaz (Franco Fasoli) who is currently exhibiting in London

And finally Dutch hot shot Robin van Persie was teamed up with Dutch illustrator and visual artist Merijn Hos

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Check out the video of how the creative process worked and see the results.

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