Parque Do Gato – Children’s day celebration and murals by several artists

For the last couple of weeks a number of well known names from the Sao Paulo street art scene have been painting some monster murals on the sides of the apartment blocks of the Parque Do Gato estate, a housing project in Sao Paulo. This is the second time the artists were chosen via a vote from the residents of the estate, and the following were chosen: MEV CREW – 16%, THIAGO GOMS – 14%, ANDRÉ FIRMIANO – 13%, ENIVO – 11%, ISKOR – 8%, APOLO TORRES – 7% . The previous works by Mundano, RMI, Fel and Subtu remain from last year.  Some excellent pictures from the estate can be seen on this report by G1 here.

This Sunday, there is an event at the Parque do Gato estate, to celebrate Children’s Day. In addition to the children having their faces painted, the artists will be in presence to create a panel togethor  for the event. Check out the Revivart facebook page for pictures of the current murals being completed.

WHEN: Sunday October 12, From 14:00.

WHERE: Conjunto Habitacional Parque Do Gato, Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco, 5200, Bom Retiro


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