Permanent OSGEMEOS installation opens in Rio de Janeiro


This is at least one piece of OSGEMOS art work which will be saved from being erased by the city councils. OSGEMEOS, Brazils most famous street art twins, now have a permanent installation at the Museu Casa Do Pontal in Rio de Janeiro. This is infact the duos first permanent public art work and was unveiled on January 31st, 2015.

The piece is called ‘The Bunker’ and it is located in the museum’s garden, and is free for the public to view. So, it’s one more thing to add the list of things to do in the marvelous city. A couple of pictures below show the size and nature of the work, both photos were taken from the OSGEMEOS Instagram page.

WHERE: Museu Casa Do Pontal, Estrada do Pontal, 3295, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro RJ 2785-580

WHEN: The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday. From 9h30 to 17h Tuesday -Friday, and 10h30 to 18h at weekends and bank holidays. Access to the museum costs R$10 (half for Students and over 60) although the OSGEMEOS installation can be seen for free.

The Buner - OSGEMEOS - Rio de Janeiro

The Buner - OSGEMEOS - Rio de Janeiro

Can’t get to Rio de Janeiro to see the OsGemeos installation yourself, then get the OSGEMEOS book instead:


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