New Os Gemeos Print released

The new Os Gemeos print, called ‘The Other Side’, was finally released today. At 3 pm GMT (13:00 here in Sao Paulo) the website opened and revealed the Brazilian graffiti twins’ first ever print. It seemed I had beaten the rush, the buy button was still available, the print looked nice, a classic Os Gemeos character, but then I noticed the price, and realised the dream was over. Even if it was in Brazilian Reals I would have had to face the realities of my bank balance, but 3,350 Euros was the kind of price that didn’t even need to be debated in my head. Anyway, if you wanted one, then too late as it seems that the 99 copies are all sold out already.

Maybe I should have paid the money after all, I just curiously checked on E-bay, and low and behold you can now buy the print there for US$17,000!! I’m no mathematician but that seems like a sizable profit if they manage to find a buyer at that price.

It seems that a number of Os Gemeos fans on their Facebook page are a bit unhappy at the price and how unaffordable it is to most people, many of them clearly made the effort to get online at lunchtime on a Tuesday only to see a R$10,000  price tag – which i guess will be liable to 60% taxation when it arrives from Europe in the post – OUCH!

Os Gemeos print - the other side

Can’t afford the print, or missed the release, then get the book instead:


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2 Responses

  1. Jonathan S says:

    This was a great buy for anyone lucky enough to score. If you want one and didn’t score during the sale, buy one now. These will continue to climb in price for years to come.

  2. jacktwo says:

    I see they are all over e-bay now..with price tags of upto 25,000 British pounds….although i really don;t believe they will sell at this price.

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