UPDATED: OS GEMEOS – Exciting News for fans of Os Gemeos

UPDATE: Today Os Gemeos released the dates for their previously announced exhibition in Sao Paulo. The doors of the  Galeria Fortes Vilaça will open on June 29, for the twins’ return to the gallery where they exhibited back in 2006.
You can see a video below of that exhibition entitled ‘O Peixe Que Comia Estrelas Cadentes’ (The fish that ate shooting stars), which was the first time I had seen an Os Gemeos exhibition..and have been a huge fan ever since. The date is in the middle of the World Cup when the city will no doubt be full of tourists, all I’m sure clambering to see this exhibition.

If you want to see work by Os Gemeos in the wild, then I couldn’t suggest a better place than the neighbourhood of Cambuci where they grew up and still live, which is literally covered with their graffiti..Check out my post on Cambuci.

JAN 17: Double trouble, the famous Pandolfi twins have announced a double whammy of good news for their fans. Yesterday they announced they are currently preparing work for this year’s exhibition at Galeria Fortes Vilaça in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo. The last time around in the same venue, it was off the hook, you can see my picture of the gallery back then, luckily for me it coincided with my second visit to Sao Paulo. Details to be announced

Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos working on work for their show TBA this year. And signing their first ever lithography.

The second revelation is that Os Gemeos have produced their first ever lithography, made in the old print studio in Paris, founded in 1852, and containing presses used by Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Chagall and Giocometti. The print is a run of 99, which I’m sure will disappear like hot cakes. The prints are available only via 99prints.net, where you can register to try and get one

Os Gemeos - 2005
Can’t afford the print, missed the exhibition, then get the book instead:

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