Os Gemeos Paint Brazil’s World Cup Aeroplane

The Brazilian news portal UOL released this story today, that Os Gemeos have painted the GOL airlines plane which will be used to carry Neymar and the rest of the Brazilian team, in style, during the World Cup next month. The full photo shoot of the plane and an interview with the artists can be seen in full here on the UOL site.

The Pandolfo brothers, Os Gemeos, are set to have an exhibition of their latest work in June in Sao Paulo.

Os Gemeos plane

Credit: Junior Lago/UOL

os-gemeos-planeThis afternoon, Os Gemeos posted  following pictures and messages on their Facebook account:

New project in partnership with GOL/9ine. An airplane transformed into a work of art to transport the Brazilian people and the Brazilian national soccer team, placing art in people’s lives and taking our characters to the clouds. The airplane will be flying its route for the next two years as of tomorrow for everyone to check it out!

So I may start taking a little more notice of the planes flying over Sao Paulo from now on!…


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