Nuvem na A7MA

I recently posted about the exhibition A7MA na NUVEM which involved the guys from A7MA gallery exhibiting in Nuvem in Recife, well now it’s the chance of A7MA to become the hosts as Nuvem comes to Sao Paulo for the exhibition appropriately called Nuvem na A7MA.

The show will contain around 20 works, including prints and illustrations by the artists Gio Simões Glasner, José Leite, Galo de Souza, Jotazer0ff, Bozó Bacamarte, Enivo, Acidum, David Nascimento, Tche Ruggi, Jerry Batista and the print maker Cristiano Kana.

WHEN: April 13 to May 11, 2015. From 11h to 20h
WHERE: A7MA – Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP

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