#Urbano by Natura – Graffiti inspired men’s fragrances

Natura - Urbano fragrance - DOES, Paulo Itu & IZOBrazilian graffiti continues to spread to all possible commercial areas, I have recently written about the fast food containers, airplanes, soft drinks and hard liquor among other things all receiving a touch of Brazilian street art. Now Brazilian cosmetics company Natura have released a series of men’s fragrances called #Urbano and they have been designed by Brazilian graffiti writers DOES, Paulo Ito and Izu. The artists were invited to produce a design to show their view of the city. In total there are four designs, two by DOES and one each by Paulo Ito and Izu.
#Urbano -by Natura - DOES, PAULO ITO, IZU
The fragrances contain and ingredient called Akigalawood which according to the Natura website, is exclusive and has not been used in fragrances before. The fragrances cost R$74.00 reals for 100ml.

Below is a video from the #Urbano campaign

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