Mudo x Whole – New T-shirts

Mudo x Whole - Tshirts

Being a huge fan of t-shirts and also street art, I love a good combination of the two. And it seems like quite a few have been dropping from the Brazilian graffiti/street arWHOLEt scene recently. The latest one which caught my attention is from the artist Mudo, and there are two designs. One of the designs is a limited edition piece, of 36 pieces, and the other is not limited.

The shirts are made in conjunction with the Sao Paulo brand WHOLE and can be purchased from their website. The spray can t-shirt is priced at R$98 and available in white and grey. The pocket t-shirt is limited edition, with only 36 male, and 24 female shirts being made, and each has a numbered tag. These are selling for R$128.

Mudo-Whole-Limited edition pocket-tshirt

Mudo is a Sao Paulo based artist, and I have added some of my own pictures of his work in the gallery at the end.  There is also a video below about Mudo..showing his work and interviews with him.

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