UPDATE: Monica Parade – Sao Paulo – Eldorado Shopping Center

UPDATE: All 50 of the Monicas are currently (between December 10th – 17th 2013) on display at Eldorado Shopping Center in Sao Paulo (Av. Rebouças, 3970 – Jardim América, São Paulo – SP), they are spread around the Shopping Centre. On the 18th December there will be an auction to buy the Monicas also in the Shopping Centre.

This year in Sao Paulo, the annual ‘cow parade’ has changed to a Monica parade. Monica is probably the most famous Brazilian children’s comic book character, produced by Mauricio de Sousa. In celebration of 50 years of Monica, there are 50 sculptures scattered around the city of Sao Paulo, each one designed by a different artist, selected and invited by Mauricio de Sousa himself. Among the artists involved are some of the big names in Brazilian street art such asTiti Freak,Minhau, Chivitz , Alex Hornest, Binho Ribeiro, and Rui Amaral among others.

Monica parade


The sculptures can be found spread around the city, and are on show until December 8th, when they will be auctioned for charity. A couple of the sculptures have already been stolen unfortunately, although the first stolen piece was later found and a rather amusing website was put up regarding it’s return via the police station.

The official site for the Monica Parade (http://monicaparade.com.br/) can be accessed to find a map of the complete collection and information on all of the artists involved. This is definitely something the kids will enjoy.

Happy Hunting!

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