Miami -Wynwood Walls 2013

Unfortunately I am not going to Miami, but it seems that a load of Brazilian street artists are currently there and are painting the walls in the Wynwood area. Its no coincidence that this week the Miami Art Basel fair begins, one of the biggest art events in the world, and also during this event is the Brazil Art Fair, a number of galleries from Brazil are representing Brazilian artists..including several street artists.

The main action seems to be happening in Wynwood Walls, an area concieved by Tony Goldman in 2009s  a way of transforming the huge warehouse district of Wynwood, the areas enormous warehouses were turned into giant canvases to bring together the best street art in one location. Artists involved in the project since 2009, is basically a who’s who of graffiti artists, including Brazilians Os Gemeos, Nunca, Nina Finok, as well as FUTURA 2000, Shepard Fairey, Invader, Vhils and FAILE among others.

Cat Woman

Brazilian street artists Eduardo Kobra, Miss Van (see my photo from Sao Paulo) and Toz are definitely all painting or have done work in the last few days in the area ..and I’m sure there will be a lot of interesting street art on show in this area.

Brazil Art Fair

The Brazil Art fair is the first fair dedicated to Brazilian galleries during Miami Art Week. Several Brazilian galleries, including the likes of the Galeria Movimento, from Rio de Janeiro, which is a gallery promoting street art, including Toz and the Fleshbeck Crew.  Galeria Logo, is another gallery involved and a space I have visited on numerous occasions in Sao Paulo which always has some interesting work and often street art, the artist Sesper will be represented.


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