Meeting of Styles 2014 – Brazil – Porto Alegre

Meeting of styles 2014

Meeting of Styles is a graffiti gathering, which happen all across the globe. The last time Brazil held a Meeting of Styles was, in Rio de Janeiro, way back in 2006.

Tomorrow, Friday March 14, marks the return of Meeting of Styles to Brazil. Unfortunately for me its way down in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil..but maybe that suggests the next episode will be in Sao Paulo..

Anyway, a tunnel has been chosen, and offered by the city for a huge gang of street artists from Brazil and beyond to spend the weekend painting.

Check out the official teaser video (bottom) and the list of artists present, and the individual flyers for the artists in the gallery below.

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Artists confirmed: Soneka (Brasilia), Binho, Truff, Stan Belini, Fred Collors, Nick, Lelin, Carlos Bobi,Rocket Ribeiro, BTS-WS (Sao Paulo), Tosh (Espirito Santo), JotapÍ, Celo, Careca, Trampo, Erick, Holie, Anyo, Grimm, Lidia, Plim, Mariana C., True, Sabrina, Bina, Amaro Abreu (Porto Alegre), Junior Asno, Ges (Pelotas), FPLO (Caxias do Sul), Minhoca (Novo Hamburgo), Drika Chagas (Par), Enetres (Rio Grande),Acme, Marcelo Eco (Rio de Janeiro), Bigod (Bahia), Thiago Alvim, Hisne Leandro, Zack, Viber (Belo Horizonte), Devis, Japem, Auma, Seth (Curitiba), Vejam (Santa Catarina), Wolfgang, Garek, Arteunok, KosDoz (Venezuela), Gris, Numak (Columbia), Salazart, Antisa, Fakeman (Chile), Hado, Mono Wild (Peru), Tasso Mclaim, Yours RZM DBL (Germany), Burg (France), Turkesa (Spain), Alberto Emmanuel-DUX (Mexico)


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