MAAU – Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana -Sao Paulo


If I had to point visitors to Sao Paulo, or even people living in Sao Paulo to one spot at the moment to see Street Art, it would be to take a Metro up to Santana and then walk back down towards Carandiru station and beyond. The metro along this part is raised along a viaduct, and every single support of the viaduct is basically a double sided canvas in this Outdoor Museum of Urban Art (MAAU – Museu Aberto de Arte Urbano), which has been in existence since 2011.

The original 2011 edition can be seen in the video below.

Earlier this year the second edition of MAAU occurred and further columns were added, with 20 new artists involved in painting. The area has also been given new pavements and cleaned up, with grass planted between the columns. 


I did this very trip on a Monday afternoon recently and very pleasant it was too. I was half expecting the areas below the Metro, in the arches of the viaduct to be occupied by the homeless and be bit dodgy, especially to be wondering taking photos, but it was all pretty empty and I had no problems at all. Obviously after dark it may become slightly more sinister, and there are parts which are clearly occupied at some points by street sleepers, and some of the walls are visibly scarred by fire and debris left behind. One Cranio wall from the 2011 set has been somewhat defaced, which is a shame (see pic right). But on the whole that just adds to the aesthetic of the ‘gallery’ and is in keeping with the genre.

Among the artists involved in the MAAU (both editions) are the curators of the project, Binho and Chivitz, and a whole host of other graffiti artists such as: Cranio, Feik, Alex Senna, Minhau, Sliks, Kep, Enivo, Caps, Dask, Alopz, Katia Suzue, Cazé, André Firmiano, Leon, Ras, Biofa, Pixote, Zéis, Magrela, Alex Hornest (Onesto), Flip, Tinho, Highraff, Speto, Boleta, Ciro, Zezão, Ricardo AKN, Presto, Graphis, Anjo, Pqueno, Coletivo ZN, Desp, ZN Lovers, Mauro, Dalata,  Inea and Jey.

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WHEN: 24/7

WHERE: Between Santana and Tiete Metro stations along Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul

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