Jaz + Alexis Dias – Linea – at the Rexromae (London)

Linea - Jaz + Alexis Dias
Another interesting looking exhibition in London, by two Latin American street artists, who to be honest I’m not especially familiar with. Alexis Dias is Puerto Rican and is responsible for the fairly well know Elephant/Octopus hybrid piece which was painted on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane (London).. I don’t know if it is still there (anyone?). Anyway, Alexis Dias seems to like the animal hybrids, there are some good pictures of the elephant/octopus here.

Jaz (Franco Fasoli) is an Argentinian street artist who originally used the name Franco, but changed to Jaz later on for legal reasons. The video below shows him at work and talking about his work, worth a watch.

JAZ EN MÉXICO from Filmaciones de la Ciudad on Vimeo.

The exhibition ‘Linea’ opens on Thursday night (March 6) and runs for a week only, so not too much time to check this one out. A limited edition screen print by Alexis Diaz will also be available at the exhibition and online.

WHERE: REX ROMAE, 132 Commercial Street, London, E1 6AZ

WHEN: Opens March 6, from 6 -9 PM. Ends March 12. (Friday – Wednesday 12 – 4pm)

And here is a very short video, advertising the show:


Also, news just in that this print and another version will be available at the opening night, cash only, this one will cost you £250, and is limited to only 10.
alexis dias print

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