UPDATE: Lendas Urbanas – Dédo, Guiga, Kaur, Locones, Pifo, Sino & Sliks – Overground Gallery – Dates Extended


UPDATE (3/11/14): The Lendas Urbanas exhibition has been extended until Wednesday 5th November 2014, so there are now 2 more days to go and see it.

Overground Gallery presents Lendas Urbanas (Urban Legends),  the gallery’s third eSliks (PHOTO: jACKTWO) - Lendas Urbanas -Overground Galleryxhibition curated by Zezão, and its first collective, bringing 7 artists who have marked their names in the history of Brazilian street art.

Dédo, Guiga, Kaur, Locones, Pifo, Sino and Sliks all got into graffiti in the 90’s writing their names across the city in two color throw ups or Bombs.

Meetings known as Sopa de Letras (Letter Soup literally, but also the name of word-search puzzles) where where they all left their marks using the original technique from Sao Paulo of Latex paint and cut rollers at a time when spray paint was not so accessible.

Overground is presenting the exhibition Lendas Urbanas to show the public this art, rich in soul, stories and the face of Sao Paulo

WHEN: Opening on September 11 from 19:00. Exhibition runs until October 30, 2014. Extended until Wednesday 5th November, 2014.

WHERE: Overground Gallery, Alameda Nothmann 280 – Conjunto 02 – Campos Elíseos, São Paulo, Brazil

lendas-urbanas-locones- (PHOTO: jACKTWO)

Kaur - lendas urbanas (PHOTO: jACKTWO)

lendas-urbanas - Overground Gallery

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