Kobra does packaging for McDonald’s French Fries – Sell-out or not?

I guess the idea behind graffiti in the first place was to be seen, and painting trains
was a way of getting your name moving around the city and thus increasing your visibility. So in one sense, putting your name and work onto global products is just a step forward in graffiti/street art evolution. Its Speto - Coca Colaan interesting debate, and many will call the artists sell-outs and many will praise them for their ability to turn a passion into an income, and if doing commercial projects means you can continue with your passion, then it’s easy to see why one would take that option.
It seems that right now, Brazilian graffiti/street artists are not too worried about accepting such projects. I have recently reported on collaborative projects with some of the worlds major brands, Pepsi, Coca-cola and Levi’s, as well as Os Gemeos recent Gol! airplane and  Hennessy bottle designs. I woke up this morning to see Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra announcing a partnership with McDonald’s on his Facebook, his work will adorn the boxes for french fries – see image below. Judging by the comments which are being made on the photo most people are not very impressed and are judging this as selling out. Kobra is not the only artists involved in the project, I think there are 12 different designs from artists of different countries as part of the World Cup campaign

What do you think?

Kobra - Fries

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