Grafitti in Jardim Edite – Sao Paulo – Mundano, Thaigo Goms, Ozi, Primat & Katia Suzue

This Sunday, January 26th the graffiti artists Ozi, Mundano, Thiago Goms (pictured below), Katia Suzue and Primat will be carrying out an artistic intervention on the Jardim Edite housing complex in celebration of Sao Paulo’s birthday. The city turns 460 years of age. The action is part of an innovative project, created by Kallas (construction and development group) in conjunction with the collectives CafeNaRua, Acupunctura Urbana and Conexão Cultural, to promote the creative use of public spaces and interaction with people from the city.
Goms - Jardim Edite

The artists will be painting from 10.00 am.

Jarim Edite was a Favela which was removed in 2011 by the city and the Social Housing project now takes it’s place. In 2011 I took the following two pictures, by the artist Mundano, who was clearly unhappy with the decision to remove the Favela and displace those living there. It is interesting that Mundano will be painting the walls of the very same area. You can read more and see a number of photos showing the architecture of the housing project here.

Jardim Edite - Mundano  Jardim Edite - Mundano

When: Sunday 26th January 2014 from 10am

Where: Conjunto habitacional Jardim Edite (Rua Araçaiba, corner with Av. Jornalista Roberto Marinho) – São Paulo (capital)

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