HOT SPOT: Corner of R. Dr. Almeida Lima with Av. Alcântara Machado – Brás (Sao Paulo)

This is the second in a new series of Hot Spots, where I showcase a specific location which is a good street art spot.

So, I recently took my daughter to a kids theatre production at the Teatro Anhembi Morumbi in Brás and right out the front there is a really good graffiti spot. It started off with the nice Cranio piece right in front of the theatre, and then all around the corner. Probably if I had taken the time to cross the footbridge over the road, there would have been a similar amount on the other side. Maybe I’ll return there another time.
Cranio -Sistema Falida (Bras)

There were several Os Gemeos pieces, which I couldn’t take any decent photos of due to their positioning in the central reservation of Av. Alcântara Machado, its a busy road. Check out some of my photos from this corner.

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