Hennessy – Very Special limited edition by Os Gemeos

I stumbled across these videos of Os Gemeos yesterday and thought they were interesting, so it seems they teamed up with Hennessy towards the end of last year and produced the labels for a collection. Hennessey being the famous brandy manufacturer, which has gained a certain popularity in the hip hop world, Tupac rapped about it and a whole host of rappers have name dropped the cognac distillery in their music, including Snoop, B.I.G, Eminem, Nas, Dre and many more.. so maybe it is a logical step for them to firm up their association with b-boy culture and the graffiti scene.

This was actually the third in a series of artist inspired Hennessy bottles, with graffiti legend Futura 2000 (pictured at the bottom) already having had the honors as well as New York artist Kaws.

The videos show the pandolfo twins in Sao Paulo, discussing their work and speaking in English.

The limited edition bottle designed by Os Gemeos was released in August 2013, and they even had Nas perform at their opening ceremony, which you can see some footage of in the video below:

And the final artwork and bottles looked like this:

os gemeos hennessy


Previous to Os Gemeos, the task of designing the Hennessy bottle had been given to Graffiti writing legend Futura2000


Futura2000 - Hennessy bottle

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