Heineken – Legendary Posters

heineken-cope2Heineken have teamed up with 40 legendary individuals from the worlds of art, sport and entertainment to produce a series of unique Legendary Posters. Among the artists are big name graffiti writers such as the American Cope2Reach from Taiwan, Mathias Kohler (Loomit) from Berlin, Victor Ash from Copenhagen and French illustrator José Luis Ágreda.

All 40 posters can be seen on the Heineken website, some including films about the making of the Legendary Posters. All of the posters are also up for sale on Ebay – there are five days left for bidding, with prices currently varying from 150 Euros to 1500 Euros.. All proceeds go towards the Reporters Without Borders.

See a selction of the posters below, for all the posters and the links for bidding via ebay, check the legendary posters website:

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Check out the making of the poster by Californian artist Rob Brander and see how he gave it some West Coast flavour.

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