Happy Nike Air Max Day

Tomorrow is officially Nike Air Max day, 27 years ago to this day, Nike launched the Nike Air Max 1 (Air Max 87), the first athletic shoe to have a visible air sole.

So far this site has been pretty much strictly focused on Street Art, but I have long had a serious infatuation with Nike Air Max 1’s, the greatest sneaker of all time, so I couldn’t let this day pass without a mention.

Nike are honoring the date of the first ever Nike Air Max 1 with a special edition Nike Air Max 1, with the same red, white and grey colour scheme on the upper part, but with a volt (which is a super bright yellowy-green colour) sole and inner, and the shoe has the commemorative date on the tongue.

Nike Air Max One

Unfortunately since living in Brazil I have let my personal collection of Nike Air Max 1’s slide somewhat, possibly only having bought 3 pairs over the last 7 years since I have been here.  The last time I went to the US I surprisingly came back empty handed, I found it very difficult to find a decent pair, currently even my best pair have seen better days. I currently still have maybe six pairs on rotation, but some are really struggling. I even still have and wear what is often listed as one of the all time greatest Air Max 1 collaborations, the Dave White limited edition.

I have on one occasion found a cheap pair in Brazil, possibly the cheapest I ever found anywhere in the world surprisingly, as Brazil is usually ridiculously overpriced for almost any product you wish to buy apart from cachaça (Brazilian rum) and Havaianas (flip flops), I still regret not buying more than one pair at the time.


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