Second Edition of Galeria Coruja- live graffiti painting – Plus Graffiti panels for sale (Sao Paulo)

There are six large (2 by 3 metre) pieces available to purchase which were previously on display at the rotational gallery (Galeria Coruja)at the Parque Linear das Corujas. They will go on sale on the internet as of tomorrrow (Feb 22). Each panel will cost R$2,500 and if you are interested you need to register your interest at

The panels are by the following artists: AKN, Tikka, Rodrigo Branco, Paulo Ito, Iskor and Artez. Click image below to scroll through them.

All money raised from the sale will help finance the Projeto EscolaNaPraca (which translates as The School-on-the-Square Project) which plans to try to connect schools with public spaces and using them as educational instruments and increasing social awareness.

With the departure of these works, which are going on sale, comes the arrival of new art. Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, February 22) from 14h the artists Remo, Sapiens, Rita Fittipaldi, Danone and RMI will be painting new pieces live. There will be a carnival show at 18:00, street food and a stencil workshop for kids throughout the day.

WHERE: Parque Linear das Corujas, Rua Pascoal Vita (around number 120)

WHEN: From Saturday February 22, 14h

galeria coruja


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