FUTURO (FUTURE) EXHIBITION – part of Pixel Show – Chivitz, Pato, Cranio & more…



futuro-pato-pixel-showThe exhibition FUTURO is one of the parallel exhibitions of the mega event Pixel show,  the magazine Zupi, invited 39 artists to create works inspired by the future (Futuro in Portuguese) for an exclusive exhibition for the 10th edition of Pixel Show.

The art works total 78, so that is 2 per artist. Among the 39 artists some well know street artists from Sao Paulo such as Chivitz (right), Cranio, Primat, Minhau, Pato (below) and Apolo Torres (t0p) among others.

Here is the full list of artists involved:

A23, André Luiz Massayuki Ota, Andre Morbeck, Apolo Torres (top), Bruno Petito, Cazé Sawaya, Chivitz, Cranio, Diego Fagundes, Felipe Primat, Flora Fontes, Fredone Fone, Gabriel Goés , Gabriel Torggler, Guilherme Kramer, Gustavo Rocha, Issao, Jhon Douglas, Júlio Vieira, Leonardo Dellafuente, Loro Verz, Lucas de Alcântara, Lucas Lobo, Marcella Tamayo, Marcelo Cabral, Marmota vs Milky, Minhau, Murilo Manzini, Pato, Pedro Petrelli,  Pedro Pezte, Rael Brian, Renan Santos, Renato Quirino, SAO Anderson Augusto, Alexandre Soma, Thiago Thomé, Victor Hugo and Wagner Willian.

Taken from the official press release, the event is described as this:

“Pixel Show 2014, the biggest Latin America art and design event, invited 39 artists to create pieces inspired on the future for an exclusive  exhibition for this year’s edition which also marks its 10th anniversary. Pixel Show will happen between October 18 and 19 at Clube A Hebraica in São Paulo. Organized by Zupi and curated by Allan Szacher, environmental, social, cultural and philosophical issues will be illustrated on 78 amazing art pieces that have the future as its basic theme. The entrance for the exhibition is free and opened to all ages.”


WHERE: Clube A Hebraica – Dr. Alceu de Assis Str / Jardim Paulistano – São Paulo

WHEN: October 18 and 19 (Saturday & Sunday), 2014.

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