Flip (photo: jACKTWO)

Flip + Highraff (photo: jACKTWO)


Flip - Camo Tree (photo: jACKTWO)Next week, the camouflage loving Sao Paulo street artist Flip (Felipe Yung) is opening his studio, Ateliê dos Autivistas to the public. He says it is a chance for the public to visit the studio and see and buy work from his archives, including work dating back to the year 2000 right up to recent stuff.  Felipe Yung’s solo exhibition Camo Tree recently finished, and the pieces like the one pictured (right) are all available to purchase, this particular one is valued at R$6,000.

The Autivistas archives will also be available during this period, featuring work by  Ramon martins, Samuel Kim, Derlon Almeida, Sosek and Gustavo Amaral.

If you want to check out the work available to buy before heading down, then you can see it here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/flipon/sets/72157648859367866/

WHERE: Rua do Glicério 707 ( at junction with Rua Barão de Iguape), Liberdade, Sao Paulo, SP

WHEN:  Monday 3rd November to Friday 9th November. Between 11:00 and 20:00.

*For more information see the events Facebook page here:


Flip (photo: jACKTWO)

Flip (photo: jACKTWO)

Flip (photo: jACKTWO)

Flip + RIR (photo: jACKTWO)

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