Eduardo Kobra – selling t-shirts in Vila Madalena this weekend

Eduardo Kobra - Photo: jACKTWO

Possibly the biggest name in murals in Sao Paulo is the artist Eduardo Kobra, so big in fact his work has even adorned the boxes of French Fries at the world’s biggest burger restaurant chain. Anyway, besides the french fries, his work covers walls across Sao Paulo, and Brazil and even the world. So it is interesting news to hear that this weekend Eduardo Kobra will be putting his work onto t-shirts to be sold only during the Virada Sustentável which is being held this weekend in Vila Madalena (August 30 & 31, 2014).

The t-shirts will be on sale as part of the Projeto Sonho de Consumo (Consumer Dream Project). I have no information regarding price or designs, so if you are interested, then you’ll have to rock up to Vila Madalena at the weekend and check it out. Apart from the Kobra t-shirts there will be loads of other stuff to see and buy.  I think there will also be t-shirts by the following artists: Ygor Marrota, (Projeto Mais Amor por Favor) Tec, Demaio, Sérgio Fabris, Adriana Florence, Mateus Bailon e Júlia Dranger.

Anyway, here is a gallery of photos taken in Sao Paulo of Eduardo Kobra’s work. I would expect a colorful t-shirt!

WHERE: Centro Cultural Rio Verde, Rua Belmiro Braga 119, na Vila Madalena, em São Paulo. Horário: das 11hs até 18hs.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday August 30 & 31, between 11AM and 6PM.

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