Eduardo Kobra – painting live in Sao Paulo – Pátio Higienópolis

Eduardo Kobra (photo: jACKTWO)

Eduardo Kobra was last week painting a huge shutter on Rua Oscar Freire for the new store of Jewellery store Frattina, as can be seen from a few of my pictures below. Today he is set to begin an enormous panel in Pátio Higienópolis Shopping Center. The motive behind the mural is the celebration of the Shopping Centre’s fifteenth year in operation. I would not normally encourage people to go to Sao Paulo Shopping Centres, they are not places I enjoy going at all, but this may be of interest to any fans of Eduardo Kobra. So to mark the shopping centre’s 15th year in operation Eduardo Kobra will paint a panel approximately 6m wide and 3.5m tall, which will be situated in the main entrance. The work will be based on photos of regular shoppers, so you may even feature if you frequent Pátio Higienópolis frequently!

The artistic process begins today, and the finished piece is set to be

revealed on October 22. The creative process will be shown on four video walls positioned on different floors of the shopping center so shoppers can follow the action.

WHERE: Pátio Higienópolis Shopping Centre, Av. Higienópolis, 618 ou R. Dr. Veiga Filho, 133 Bairro Higienópolis – SP

WHEN: Painting from October 15, 2014. Finished piece unveiled on display from October 22 to 31. Shopping Centre opening hours from 10H -22H, except Sundays and Bank Holidays from 14H to 20H.

Kobra (photo: jACKTWO)

Kobra (photo: jACKTWO)

Eduardo Kobra - Photo: jACKTWO

Kobra (photo: jACKTWO)

Eduardo Kobra - photo: jACKTWO

Kobra (photo: jACKTWO)

Kobra (photo:jACKTWO) Frattina

Kobra (photo:jACKTWO)

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