Sunday March 30 – Dia do graffiti no Bixiga (Sao Paulo)

The 8th Edition of Dia do Graffiti (Graffiti Day) no Bixiga starts on Sunday, March 30, from 12 noon, in Bixiga -on Rua Treze de Maio – Sao Paulo.


On the day Graffiti artists will be involved in an artistic intervention, as well as music and shows from Bixiga 70, MC Sombra (Brazilian rapper – see video below), Zebrabeat and Escola de Samba Vai-Vai (Vai-Vai School of Samba). There will also be live Capoeira, Poetry and freestyle.

A 12 by 7 metre mural, on Rua Santo Antonio, will be given a makeover by a collection of artists, organized by the Stencil Brasil Collective.

12h – Wall painting begins
13h – Capoeiras from Bela Vista
14h – Escola de Samba Vai–Vai (School of Samba)
15h – Sarau Suburbano Convicto (poetry & freestyle)

16h – Novolhar Break

16h30 – MC Sombra
18h – Zebrabeat (Pará)
19h – Bixiga 70

21h – Party at  Mundo Pensante with Nomade Orquestra (R$10 entrance fee)


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