Desordem Arte #3 – Photographs – TAG Gallery

Tag Gallery: desordem-arte 03

Another edition of their almost annual event, this is the third edition of Desordem Arte being held by Tag Gallery, which was formerly Tag & Juice in Vila Madalena and now been re-opened as of last weekend downtown. The gallery has just launched a new website, where you can see a little bit about the artists they house. Including some well known names in Sao Paulo street art including the likes of: Ciro Schu, Alex Senna, Fefe Tavares, Erica Mizutani, Mariana Mats, and Prozak. I have added a few of my photos from the archives of some of their works.

The idea behind this event, is that the artists from Tag Gallery are invited to exhibit and sell their work at accessible prices, with this edition of Desordem Arte focusing on photographs. Along with the art there will also be music from Duo For Fun, Kiko Costato and Fabio Embu, and the sponsors on the flyer suggest booze.

WHERE: Tag GalleryRua Líbero Badaró, 336, 3rd floor, Centro, Sao Paulo

WHEN: Saturday September 06, 2014. From 15:00

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