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David Lynch & JR


Thought I’d share this print release tomorrow as it is from the same site which did the recent Os Gemeos print which was massively expensive and still sold out pretty quickly, so this is probably one which will also be extremely expensive and only for the hardcore fans, or those with money to burn.

The print is a collaboration between French artist JR and legendary American film director David Lynch. (Don’t worry this definitely isn’t like the BNE v Banksy collaboration that went down a few weeks ago! The pictures prove they have been togethor) Few people know that David Lynch has been using lithography as a medium since 2007. A few years ago he discovered the incredible place in Paris where the prints are produced.

David Lynch & JRDavid Lynch explains : “all this was like a dream. This allowed me to access this new world of lithography and magic stones. This was something really great! And many ideas came out. I work directly on the stone with my hands, this contact makes them living tools that leave room for the accidental, trial and error”.

JR and David Lynch worked with this idea of texture and movement for this new print.

The other point is that there no preview, only a few hints from the text and photos on the Instagram (@99prints) so if you do want to buy one then first get yourself registered on the site ASAP, and then be prepared to make a quick decision and get online tomorrow at 3pm GMT (That is 12:00 noon in Brazil). Go to 99prints

David Lynch & JR99print-jr-david-lynch-1
UPDATE: (April 8th, 12:09 – Brazilian Time)

The print has been revealed, along with the 2,300 Euro price tag – which generously includes free shipping world wide. Certainly not cheap..but it will probably sell out regardless… I await to see if anyone will try and re-sell even more expensively on ebay later.. This is the print..

I fix my head - JR & David Lynch

 UPDATE: (April 8, 15:10 Brazil time)

Well, surprisingly or not it sold out in about an hour and a half, and as predicted e-bay is already the destination for at least one of the pieces, although I really doubt they will get the US$10,000 asking price.

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  1. tommyke says:

    Fix the link :p

  2. jacktwo says:

    Done…cheers for that!

  3. duncan says:

    I hadn’t seen this. Ironic that David Lynch is working with JR. A year later he was quoted as saying “Graffiti to me has pretty much ruined the world”

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