Em Tempo | Cultura De Rua e Seus Movimentos – SESC Vila Mariana (Sao Paulo)

The artists Ozi, Rafael Highraff and the Ocupeacidade (Occupy the city) collective currently have work on display at SESC Vila Mariane, yet another street art initiative. I took my daughter down to SESC Vila Mariane this afternoon to check it out, we took the Metro to Paraiso and walked about 10 minutes, and I think that Ana Rosa is probably even closer. Anyway, I was really impressed as always with this SESC (see my previous post about how much I like SESC), it was my first visit to this particular Branch. My daughter played for hours in the play area, we both had a decent (and very cheap!) lunch then played in an area of street games, including a really nice mini ramp for skateboarders, with free guidance and boards to use, after 15 years of not skating I was sorely tempted, but had my daughter to look after. It was the wide shallow mini-ramp I dreamed about as a teenager.

The artwork consists of about 10 double sided large billboard poster sized walls with artwork relating to the theme cultura de rua e seus movimentos or ‘street culture and its movements’. A couple of my pictures can be seen below (click the small pics to see them bigger).

SESC- Vila Mariane

The work is on display in the ground floor exhibition hall in Tower A of the Vila Mariane branch of SESC and will run until March the 9th (Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 21h30, Satu   rdays 10h to 20h30 and Sundays from 10h to 18h30).

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