Ciro Schu – 4 days of Art & Design – open studio (Sao Paulo)

Starting tomorrow, it is possible to visit Ciro Schu’s studio and his work on exhibition. There will also be three hand decorated bicycles on display, which he has been working on with the bicycle manufacturer EvoLux, which make some really cool bikes.


ciru-schu-evoluxCiro Schu is an artist I’ve been familiar with since first coming to Sao Paulo, I remember buying some Caipirinha glasses with his illustrations and seeing his work in a gallery way way back. His work is one of the easiest to recognize and is always appearing over the city.

As well as the bicycles, there will also be a range of T-shirts and bandannas being released by Ciro Schu and the brand Ziga..check out the pictures below.

WHEREAteliê Ciro Schu – Alameda Nothman, 280, São Paulo

WHEN: Opening: April 24, 19H -23H, After the studio will be open on April 25, 26, 27 between 2 and 9PM.

Ciro-schu and Ziga


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