Cidade Cinza (Grey City) the Film – showing free on the Minhocâo – SUNDAY 16 FEB (Sao Paulo)

Tommorow evening the film Cidade Cinza will be shown for free on the Minhocâo in Sao Paulo. For those that don’t already know, the Minhocâo is a raised flyover which weaves through the centre of Sao Paulo and during the week is heaving with traffic, but on Sundays it is closed to cars and opens to the public for bike rides and walking and whatever really, a poor man’s High Line, and there are groups campaigning for this to made into a permanent non car zone. Anyway, this is possibly the most appropriate location to watch the film Cidade Cinza that I can think of, and even if you have already seen the film, it may be worth seeing it again. The film starts at 19.00 (Sunday 16th Feb), if there is rain after 18.00 then it will be cancelled until next week. The film will be shown by the Rua Helvetia access to the Minhocâo, near Metro station Santa Cecilia.

For more information about the film, see the details from my previous posts below.


The film is still showing in cinemas in Brazil, check today’s (6th Jan) Listings to find where you can see it, they are valid until 09/01/2014. Well worth the effort.



About the film:

The feature length documentary film Cidade Cinza (Grey City) by directors Marcelo Mesquita and Guilherme Valiengo, which includes contributions from some of the biggest names from the Brazilian graffiti scene like Os GêmeosNuncaNinaFinokZefix and Ise. It is an independent film which took six years to complete and raised money via crowdfunding.

Cidade Cinza (Grey City)

The film concentrates on events in 2008 when the city hall began an urban cleansing’clean city’ (cidade limpa) initiative, involving painting everything grey and included painting over a huge 700m long street art mural produced by a number of artists, including the well known duo Os Gemeos and Nunca, who at the same time happened to have their their artwork adorned on the front of the Tate Modern in London.

Watch the trailer below and get to the cinema to support the film. You can see the cinema schedule and buy your tickets in advance here for Sao Paulo

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