Galeria Choque Cultural – Mariana Pabst Martins – Vila Madalena

Choque Cultural: Mariana Pabst Martins

When I first arrived in Sao Paulo, Galeria Choque Cultural, then solely located on Rua Joao Moura was the go to place to see street art in a gallery and was a print buying mecca. I still think back to the missed opportunities, when I didn’t buy certain prints that I liked by artists which have since become well known and much more expensive. Work by Nunca springs to mind specifically.. And a large canvas by Stephan Doitschinoff which both myself and my wife loved and decided was too much of an investment. This is not an article about buying art, unfortunately I can ill afford even prints by lesser known names and I have never personally bought art thinking about selling it, but it is nice when you do buy work because you like it, and the artist goes on to become well known.

Mariana Martins - Choque Cultural facadeAnyway, today there are a number of galleries which focus on street art, such is the increasing interest in the genre, and over the last years the frequency of my visits to Choque Cultural, now located in Vila Madalena, has fallen somewhat. I don’t even know if they still sell prints to be honest. I do know that the facade of the gallery, like when situated in Pinheiros, is a piece of art in itself, and forever changing. The old gallery on Joao Moura would transform completely with every exhibition, both inside and out, and judging by each of my visits (picture below shows what it was like a month or so ago) and the photo (right) on their facebook page showing a Mariana Martins paste up covering up the previous work below, this is still the case.
Gallery Choque Cultural

Anyway, the reason for my post about the gallery is that since Saturday just passed (May 10) there is a new exhibition, this time showing the work of not only an artist, but also the co-founder and owner of the gallery itself Mariana Pabst Martins, the wife of Baixo Ribeiro who is the other founder of Choque Cultural.

WHERE: Choque Cultural, Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque – 250,Vila Madalena Sao Paulo

WHEN: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 -18H

Choque Cultural: Mariana-pabst-martins-flyer2

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